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You can download ITI Treatment Guide Volume 6 Extended Edentulous Spaces in the Esthetic Zone by Daniel Wismeijer, Stephen Chen, Daniel Buser, Julia-Gabriela Wittneben, Hans Peter Weber free in pdf format. 

ITI Treatment Guide Vol 6

About Book

The sixth volume of the ITI Treatment Guide series provides clinical recommendations for implant-supported prosthodontic treatments in patients with multiple missing adjacent teeth in the esthetic zone. The authors review the current literature before detailing the treatment alternatives and procedures based on the scientific and clinical evidence. Special emphasis is given to preoperative evaluation, treatment planning, and assessment of risk factors for the complex indications of the esthetic zone. Descriptions of the surgical and prosthodontic procedures include step-by-step clinical case presentations. Complications of various etiologies are also highlighted with preventive measures as well as clinical cases that document their management.

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