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You can download ITI Treatment Guide, Volume 5: Sinus Floor Elevation Procedures by Stephen Chen, Daniel Buser, Daniel Wismeijer, H. Katsuyama, S. S. Jensen by Clifford free in pdf format. 

ITI Treatment Guide Vol 5

About Book

The fifth volume of the ITI Treatment Guide series provides clinicians with evidence-based data and practical information relating to sinus floor elevation procedures to ensure adequate bone volume for implant placement. Strong emphasis has been placed on proper case selection based on a comprehensive clinical and radiologic examination of the patient. Treatment options for transcrestal and lateral window protocols for sinus floor elevation are presented, along with guidelines for choosing the appropriate technique based on thorough risk evaluation and the relative complexity of each option. Detailed case studies and illustrations support the clinical recommendations and highlight the challenges associated with the management of complications of these surgical procedures. An essential guide for managing patients requiring dental implants in the atrophic posterior maxilla.

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