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You can download ITI Treatment Guide Vol 1 Implant Therapy in the Esthetic Zone for Single-Tooth Replacements by Urs Belser, William C. Martin, Ronald Jung, Christoph Hämmerle, Bruno Schmid, Dean Morton, Daniel Buser, Daniel Wismeijer free in pdf format. 

ITI Treatment Guide Vol 1

About Book

The ITI Treatment Guide series, a compendium of evidence-based implant therapy techniques employed in daily practice, offers a comprehensive overview of various therapeutic options. Written by expert clinicians of worldwide renown and using an illustrated step-by-step approach, the ITI Treatment Guide shows practitioners how to manage different clinical situations, emphasizing sound diagnostics, evidence-based treatment concepts, and predictable treatment outcomes throughout.
This first volume focuses on implant therapy for single-tooth replacement in the esthetic zone. It guides readers through the entire treatment process, beginning with assessment of the patient’s individual esthetic risk profile and proceeding through ideal three-dimensional implant placement and proven prosthetic management options. Various procedures are illustrated through patient case studies. Detailed illustrations serve to clarify any potential ambiguities, and potential complications are explored to avert the most common problems

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