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Information on Reproduction and Mating in the Pigeon

by aliraza

The pigeon starts mating from January at the age of 5 – 7 months. Each male or female partner chooses or gathers the breeder, and closes them until they are formed. The female leaves after a week of egg-laying followed by another egg after 48 hours. And hatching is bare from feathers and needs special feeding from the mother and father. This food contains the mixture of mashed food in the parents’ hatch. Hatching needs to be incubated and warmed in the first week, 6 weeks, when the growth of the feathers is complete and depends on itself and marketed in this age.
The mother starts laying eggs again after her babies have been ejaculated 30 to 40 days in winter and fall, and 20-30 days in the summer and spring.
(In the case of parental neglect of the spouses weaken and die.
 When they are 10 to 15 days old, “on mashed grains or small grains,” and can be given a piece of bread and warm milk), provides the crushed chicken thin grain for easy to pick up, and after a short period fed on the normal food of the bath.
In order to increase fertility in the bathroom, non-mating is observed at a age of less than one year for adults, until strong eggs are produced, as are sisters. Mating is preferred among different mothers.
It is necessary to make records of the bath and produce until the process of breeding and mating and exclusion of non-productive individuals.
Single individuals in the bathroom are in opposition to the cohabiting couples, and are responsible for hatching and raising the young. Therefore, such birds should be kept alone. The habit is also resisted between male and female couples.

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