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Human Relations: Interpersonal Job-Oriented Skills 12th edition

by aliraza

You can download Human Relations Interpersonal Job Oriented Skills 12th edition by Andrew J. DuBrin free in pdf format.

About Book

For undergraduate courses in Human Relations, Applied Psychology, Human Relations in the Workplace, Career Development; also appropriate for a course in Interpersonal Skills Training.
Accomplished author and national speaker, Andrew J. DuBrin brings his expertise of Human Relations and Business Psychology to this exciting Twelfth edition. Focusing on today’s work environment, the book takes a two-pronged approach that improves interpersonal skills by first presenting basic concepts and then by featuring a heavy component of skill development and self-assessment.
Human Relations: Job-Oriented Skills 12e is not just a textbook. The twelfth edition includes a wealth of experiential exercises, including new cases and self-assessment quizzes that can be completed in class or as homework.

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