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Head, Face, and Neck Pain Science, Evaluation, and Management

by aliraza

You can download Head, Face, and Neck Pain Science, Evaluation, and Management: An Interdisciplinary Approach by Noshir Mehta, George E. Maloney, Dhirendra S. Bana and Steven J. Scrivani free in pdf format. 

Head, Face, and Neck Pain

About Book

This is the first comprehensive guide dedicated to the interrelationships among head, face, and neck pain. From a panel of international experts, it offers the very latest research and therapeutic information on this important andhugely interdisciplinary topic. Content adheres to the strictest guidelinesfor pain management in the medical and dental professions, and chaptercoverage explores:

  • Head Pain―Migraines; tension-type headaches and myofascial pain; post-traumatic headaches; facial structures and headaches; jaw dysfunction andheadaches; sleep disorders and headaches; chronic daily headaches; and more
  • Facial Pain―Tooth-related pain; oral medicine, oral pathology, and facialpain; matricatory myofascial pain disorders; temporomandibular jointdisorders; maxillofacial relationships and facial pain; neuropathic orofacial pain; and more
  • Neck Pain―Cervical disc disorders; myofascial neck pain disorders; rheumatic and arthritic disorders; neuromuscular disorders; vascular causes of neck pain; jaw dysfunction and neck pain; and more

The book’s multidisciplinary approach will appeal to a wide range of professional and academic audiences, including practicing physicians, dentists, medical and dental students, allied health professionals and students, neurologists and neuroscientists, and anyone else who is interested in pain management.

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