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Handbook on Field Veterinary Surgery

by Asim Javed

You can download Handbook on Field Veterinary Surgery by M.M.S. Zama, H.P. Aithal and A.M. Pawde free in pdf format. 

Handbook on Field Veterinary Surgery

About Book

Handbook on Field Veterinary Surgery is a compilation of scholarly and practical knowledge in the field of veterinary surgery to cater the needs of practicing veterinary surgeons and fresh graduates who intend to practice surgery. The book has 23 selected chapters covering a wide range of techniques describing common surgical conditions routinely encountered in the field practice. The chapters contributed by experienced surgeons and academicians in different areas include their practical experience and tips for the field vets and for the beginners. The prospects, and basic considerations and requirements of field level surgery are described in the beginning. The importance of asepsis and the methods of sterilization are practically described. Different types of sutures and suturing techniques are narrated with the help of diagrams. Management of common surgical conditions like wounds, tumours, urinary calculi, castration, caesarean section and ovariohyserectomy are detailed.

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