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Glossary of Dental Implantology

by aliraza

You can download Glossary of Dental Implantology by Fawad Javed, Khalid Almas and Steph Smith free in pdf format. 

Glossary of Dental Implantology

About Book

Glossary of Dental Implantology provides a comprehensive, consensus-based global platform of dental implant terminology for effective communication among dental professionals, clinicians, clinical and basic science researchers, and scientists. Encompassing implant technology, hardware, materials, instruments, radiology, surgery, periodontology, prosthodontics, and pharmacology, the book presents definitions of terms from all aspects of implantology. This complete, current resource includes information on recent advances in 3D imaging, navigational and guided surgical approaches, biomechanics, regenerative materials, and digital workflow.
Designed to aid in the successful diagnosis and treatment planning in implant dentistry, the text helps dental team members to use important terms consistently and accurately, ensuring effective communication and successful outcomes. This important resource:

  • Offers clear definitions for dental implant-related terms for use by the whole dental team
  • Fosters a working knowledge of currently used dental implant terminology
  • Helps team members to communicate more efficiently and effectively
  • Presents a comprehensive guide for specialist and general dentists, dental students, residents, dental hygienists, and dental laboratory technicians

Includes entries for hardware technology, regenerative materials, lasers, radiology, and more
Written with the entire dental team in mind, Glossary of Dental Implantology covers all aspects of implantology, making it an essential reference for anyone working with implants, including prosthodontists, oral surgeons, periodontists, residents in these areas, dentistry students, general dentists, dental hygienists and nurses, and dental laboratory technicians.

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