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Fracture Mandible by Rajesh, Akancha & Prakash

by aliraza

You can download Physical by Rajesh R Yadav, Akancha R Yadav and Prakash V Dhond free in pdf format. 

About Book

We do not claim that this is the best way, but we hope it can be of great help to our friends working at different levels especially those with smaller, private setups where, we will be happy to fill in the gaps in the required expertise. We present here, to you, an overview of different methods of fixation, anesthesia, anatomy and overall treatment. With our own experience, we felt that even ENT Surgeons can deal with fractures of the mandible confidently.
The purpose of this book is to motivate more and more ENT Surgeons to do so. We have avoided some of the techniques that are not often used now to fix the mandible (e.g. external fixation techniques, nonrigid fixation techniques, etc.) in order to stay abreast with the current trends in management.

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