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Fixed Orthodontic Appliances by Seehra & Fleming

by aliraza

You can download Fixed Orthodontic Appliances A Practical Guide by Jadbinder Seehra and Padhraig S. Fleming free in pdf format. 

Fixed Orthodontic Appliances by Seehra & Fleming

About Book

This guide to fixed appliance-based orthodontics is designed to serve as a comprehensive ‘how to’ manual. With the aid of a wealth of superb illustrations, instruction is provided on all aspects of fixed appliance treatment, including bracket placement and positioning, archwire selection and engagement, use of auxiliaries, placement of fixed retainers, and wire bending. The supporting text presents important information underpinning the selection of attachments and mechanics, emphasising the relative merits and demerits of the various approaches with appropriate use of key referencing. It will offer detailed support on the use of fixed orthodontic appliances for undergraduates and postgraduates and those starting with practical orthodontic treatments, while providing a valuable refresher and reference for more experienced clinicians.

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