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Essentials of Dental Caries 3rd Edition

by aliraza

You can download Essentials of Dental Caries 3rd Edition by Edwina A. M. Kidd free in pdf format. 

Essentials of Dental Caries 3rd Edition

About Book

Dental caries is a process which may take place on any tooth surface in the oral cavity where dental plaque is allowed to develop over a period of time. The new edition of this popular, clinically relevant book provides the biological background required by dentistry students in order to take the science of cariology to the chairside in the management of patients. It describes the cause of caries and its progression in enamel and dentine. Methods of prevention including plaque control, use of fluoride and dietary control are described. The indications for operative management are covered, as well as how to teach patients their essential role in caries control.
Illustrated in full colour and written in an accessible style, this book will appeal to dental students as well as dental nurses, dental health educators, hygienists, and therapists. It will also be of use to scientists working in the field of clinical cariology and to qualified dentists who wish to update their knowledge.

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