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Equine Reproductive Procedures

by aliraza

You can free download Equine Reproductive Procedures in pdf format.

Equine Reproductive Procedures

About Book

Equine Reproductive Procedures is a user-friendly guide to reproductive management, diagnostic techniques, and therapeutic techniques on stallions, mares, and foals. Offering detailed descriptions of 161 procedures ranging from common to highly specialized, the book gives step-by-step instructions with interpretative information, as well as useful equipment lists and references for further reading. Presented in a highly portable spiral-bound format, Equine Reproductive Procedures is a practical resource for daily use in equine practice.

Divided into sections on the non-pregnant mare, the pregnant mare, the postpartum mare, the stallion, and the newborn foal, the book is well-illustrated throughout with clinical photographs demonstrating procedures. Equine Reproductive Procedures provides practical guidance for performing basic and advanced techniques associated with the medical management of horses.

  • Provides detailed step-by-step descriptions of 161 procedures used in equine reproductive practice
  • Covers stallions, mares, and newborn foals
  • Offers complete coverage of reproductive management, diagnostic techniques, and therapeutic techniques
  • Includes both basic and specialized procedures, making it useful for practitioners of any experience level
  • Uses a cookbook style to present instructions and interpretations, a list of supplies, corresponding images, and pertinent references for each topic
  • Features nearly 500 images to illustrate techniques

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