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Equine Neurology 2nd Edition

by aliraza

You can download Equine Neurology 2nd Edition by Martin Furr and Stephen Reed free in pdf format. 

Equine Neurology 2nd Edition

About Book

Equine Neurology, Second Edition provides a fully updated new edition of the only equine-specific neurology book, with comprehensive, clinically oriented information.
  • Offers a complete clinical reference to neurologic conditions in equine patients
  • Takes a problem-based approach to present a clinically oriented perspective
  • Presents new chapters on imaging the nervous system, neuronal physiology, sleep disorders, head shaking, differential diagnosis of muscle trembling and weakness, and cervical articular process joint disease
  • Covers the basic principles of neurology, clinical topics such as the initial exam, differentials, and neuropathology, and specific conditions and disorders
  • Includes access to a companion website offering video clips demonstrating presenting signs

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