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Equine MRI by Rachel Murray

by aliraza

You can free download Equine MRI by Rachel Murray in pdf format.

Equine MRI by Rachel Murray

About Book

Equine MRI is a unique, comprehensive guide to MRI in the horse. Edited by Rachel Murray, a leading authority and researcher in the field with over ten years of equine clinical MRI experience, the book also includes contributions from worldwide experts in the subject.

Divided into the following four sections, the book presents key information based on previous validation work and clinical practice:

  • Principles of MRI, including the practicalities of image acquisition and interpretation
  • Normal MRI anatomy and normal variations
  • Different types of pathological change
  • Options for clinical management and prognosis for different conditions
  • A unique, comprehensive guide that proves a useful diagnostic tool in this rapidly expanding area of veterinary medicine
  • Written by worldwide experts in the subject
  • Covers the principles of MRI, normal MRI anatomy, pathology, and clinical management and outcome
  • Contains close to 950 normal and abnormal images

MRI is a rapidly expanding area in veterinary medicine that confers detailed, three-dimensional information on both bone and soft tissue. Expanding clinical knowledge, improvements in technology, and practical application of MRI to the standing and recumbent horse means this useful imaging modality has become an integral and essential part of the diagnostic evaluation in lameness and is a realistic option for investigation of ophthalmological, neurological and cranial pathology.

Equine MRI enables readers to understand the best ways to achieve good quality images, and provides a detailed explanation of the problems that may occur.

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