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Encephalitis and Viral Spinal Cord

by aliraza

Infectious disease affecting horses

It is characterized by inflammation of the brain and spinal cord
This leads to weakness, numbness, paralysis and high mortality

The cause of the disease

A virus of the group of larvae viruses, and the virus has three insects Eastern, Western and Venezuelan
The most dangerous insects where the mortality rate reaches 90%

How the disease is transmitted

By mosquitoes, ticks, scabies and other insect blood pipettes
By contacting live and healthy animals, wild birds are the main source of infection

The most important factors predisposing to the disease

The better the animal is, the greater the resistance of the animal to the disease and the recovery of the disease
Clean, non-insecticidal housing helps non-proliferation and transmission
Infection with this disease is frequent in the seasons where the insects are active

Symptoms of the disease

The incubation period ranges from 1 to 3 weeks and starts with fever lasting about 4 days
Fever is accompanied by lethargy, loss of appetite and constipation
Neuropathy starts with loss of balance, movement disorder, paralysis of the lips, pharynx, bladder, and back legs. The animal then walks in a circle, the pulmonary disorder is then blinded, leading to the collision of the animal with all the corresponding objects
Severe irritation, hypersensitivity, similar in some cases raging and showing the animal muscular movements such as shoulder tremors
Loss of sense, paralysis The animal can not lift its head
The animal bites a lot and falls and makes violent movements and fast lists and then the temperature to normal and without it and then die horse

Prevention of disease

A vaccine containing the Eastern or Western insect is used.

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