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Dental Radiology by Andreas Fuhrmann

by aliraza

You can download Dental Radiology by Andreas Fuhrmann free in pdf format. 

Dental Radiology by Andreas Fuhrmann

About Book

With its easy to read narrative and good organisation of the various topics, it makes an invariably well-thought-out piece of text, guiding the reader carefully through dental imaging in a logical manner. — RAD Magazine
Dental Radiology is an excellent guide book for both dental students and practicing dentists. Students will benefit from practical guidance on how and when to use the various imaging methods presented as well as key information on fundamental concepts. For experienced dentists, the book is a valuable guide for image analysis, interpretation of radiologic findings, and diagnosis of pathological changes. Modern imaging methods, the fundamentals of X-ray physics, examination strategies, and information on radiation protection and quality assurance are included.

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