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Dean’s Analytical Chemistry Handbook 2nd edition

by aliraza

You can free download Dean’s Analytical Chemistry Handbook 2nd edition in pdf format.

Dean’s Analytical Chemistry Handbook 2nd edition

About Book

An Analytical Chemistry Book that provides a comprehensive outlook and overview of various Analytical Techniques and Methods of the present times.

  • Offers a full range of analytical methods, including conventional wet and instrumental techniques
  • Preliminary separation methods
  • Statics in chemical analysis

This Book Comprises of 23 sections and each section contains a number of topics, that are enlisted at the beginning of each section in the form of Contents Tables. Readers are requested to explore each section thoroughly to get a comprehensive understanding of that specific topic. Analysis, Separation Methods, Statistics, Gravimetric and Volumetric Analysis these topics are covered with detail explanation. Moreover, Chromatographic Methods, Electronic Absorption and Luminescence Spectroscopy, Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy, Spectroscopy, X-Ray Methods, Mass Spectrometry, Radiochemical Methods, NMR Spectroscopy and Electron Spin Resonance, Magnetic Susceptibility, Electroanalytical Methods, Thermal Analysis, Optical Activity and Rotatory Dispersion, Refractometry, Elemental Analysis of Organic Compounds, Functional Groups, Analysis of Pesticides and Herbicides, Pollutants in the Environment, Air and, Mineral Analysis topics are discussed thoroughly.

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