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Dark Mountain by Jeff Carson

by aliraza

You can free download Dark Mountain by Jeff Carson in pdf epub format.

Dark Mountain by Jeff Carson

About Book

The past returns, and it’s ready for vengeance. When Wolf’s detective goes missing, disturbing memories come to life in the next suspense-filled thriller in the Amazon Bestselling David Wolf Series.

When a dead body is discovered stuffed inside a car trunk in the forest outside Rocky Points, Colorado, Chief Detective David Wolf finds himself involved in a case that will rock the local community. But as details emerge, the tension rises higher when it’s clear the driver’s last client was Tom Rachette, Wolf’s loyal detective. Worse yet, Detective Rachette is no longer answering his phone.

At the same time, Wolf gets a cryptic email that jars loose war memories he’d rather forget. And it soon becomes clear he must face his past head-on if he wants to save his friend from certain death.

This harrowing tenth installment of the David Wolf mystery-thriller series will keep you guessing until the very end. Join the adventure and watch Wolf and his friends as they’re pushed to their physical, mental, and emotional limits untangling clues from the past and present so they might live to see another day.

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