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Common Eye Infections

by aliraza

You can download Common Eye Infections by Imtiaz A. Chaudhry free in pdf format.

About Book

Clinical diagnosis of ocular infections, several techniques based on microbiological test of ocular samples includes in this book.
Chapter 1 Diagnostics Methods in Ocular Infections-From Microorganism Culture to Molecular Methods
Chapter 2 Infective Conjunctivitis – Its Pathogenesis, Management and Complications
Chapter 3 Treatments in Infectious and Allergic Conjunctivitis: Is Immunomodulation the Future?
Chapter 4 Laboratory in the Diagnosis of Bacterial and Fungal Keratitis
Chapter 5 Bacterial Keratitis Infection: A Battle Between Virulence Factors and the Immune Response
Chapter 6 Preseptal Cellulitis
Chapter 7 Diagnosis and Management of Orbital Cellulitis
Chapter 8 Nontuberculous Mycobacterial Keratitis
Chapter 9 Endophthalmitis: Experience from a Tertiary Eye Care Center
Chapter 10 Eye Infection Complications in Rheumatic Diseases
Chapter 11 Trachoma and Inclusion Conjunctivitis

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