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Color and Appearance in Dentistry

by aliraza

You can download Color and Appearance in Dentistry by Alvaro Della Bona free in pdf format. 

Color and Appearance in Dentistry

About Book

This book is a result of international collaboration with subsequent scientific research publications in distinguished international journals, followed by evidencebased information illustrated by clinical procedures. Therefore, writing this book was a long, cumulative process involving learning, researching, clinical experience, and, most importantly, collaboration with outstanding experts from the University of Granada, Spain.
Interacting with university and industry experts and dental clinicians from around the world created the foundation for this text, which endeavors to explain the color science and its application in Dentistry, to assist in teaching and training color determination in Dentistry, to guide on visual and instrumental dental shade matching, offering guidelines on color management and communication in Dentistry, and glancing on future developments using artificial intelligence (AI) in Dentistry. Therefore, this book was designed to enhance understanding of Color and Appearance in Dentistry for students, researchers, and clinicians.

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