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Clinical Veterinary Microbiology

by aliraza

You can download Clinical Veterinary Microbiology by V. K. Singh free in pdf format. 

Clinical Veterinary Microbiology

About Book

Veterinary Microbiology is concerned with microbial diseases of domesticated animals that supply food, other useful products or companionship. We also know that microorganisms may have one or more of four functions in a food. They may have a useful function, cause spoilage, be a health hazard, or just be present without a role in the food item. Microbial disease must be understood in terms of the interrelationship among parasites, the host, and the environment. For example, the general health of the host may determine whether a disease occurs and how severe it may be. Even though a microorganism may be part of the ordinary flora, it can cause disease if the host’s natural defences are not fully effective. This book is a complete reference guide on microbial biology, diseases, diagnosis, prevention, and control. It also provides a foundation of knowledge on pathogens and how they interact with hosts. The book offers essential information for veterinary students, clinicians, technicians, public health officials, and diagnostic microbiologists.

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