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Chemistry 4th Edition by Housecroft & Constable

by aliraza

You can download Chemistry 4th Edition An Introduction to Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry by Catherine E. Housecroft and Edwin C. Constable free in pdf format. 

Chemistry 4th Edition by Housecroft & Constable

About Book

Chemistry provides a robust coverage of the different branches of chemistry with unique depth in organic chemistry in an introductory text helping students to develop a solid understanding of chemical principles, how they interconnect and how they can be applied to our lives.
The fourth edition of Chemistry is a natural development of the previous edition. It continues to provide a single text covering all aspects of the subject that are needed for a first year university chemistry course. Since its first edition in 1997 as Chemistry: an Integrated Text, the book has evolved to find a niche among chemistry undergraduate classes within a range of degree courses. It is clear that major factors that contribute to the book’s appeal are the balance between physical, organic and inorganic disciplines, the inclusion of spectroscopic and mass spectrometric techniques, and the manner in which the traditional themes have been integrated, particularly in respect of applications, environmental issues, the natural world and everyday life. Although the chapters are organized so as to provide a progression through fundamentals, physical principles, and inorganic and organic chemistries, the extensive cross-referencing, and the inclusion of well-illustrated topic boxes, will help students understand how the branches of chemistry intertwine with one another.

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