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Basic Reaction Kinetics and Mechanisms

by aliraza

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Basic Reaction Kinetics and Mechanisms

About Book

This book is based on a course of lectures given at Liverpool Polytechnic to both full-time and part-time chemistry students. In the experience of the author, many students find final-year kinetics difficult unless they have thoroughly grasped the basic principles of the subject in the first year of study. This book requires no previous knowledge of kinetics, but gives a more detailed account than that found in general physical chemistry textbooks. The purpose of this book is to give the reader a sound understanding of the fundamentals of the subject without dealing with the derivation of rate equations for typical complex reactions. The student is, however, introduced to a number of topics that will be dealt with more comprehensively in the final year of an Honours Chemistry course. With this in mind, the book should prove suitable for chemistry students in all years of Honours courses. It is particularly applicable to the first and second years of B.Sc. Honours Degrees, and for B.Sc. Ordinary Degree, Higher National Certificate, Higher National Diploma and Grad. R.I.C. Part 1 Chemistry courses. The book should also prove adequate for all the kinetics covered on B.Sc. combined science, biology, pharmacy and biochemistry courses.

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