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Basic Dental Materials 4th Edition by Manappallil John

by aliraza

You can download Basic Dental Materials 4th Edition by Manappallil John free in pdf format. 

Basic Dental Materials 4th Edition by Manappallil John

About Book

Basic Dental Materials, first published in 1998, is now in its 18th year. Its publication was inspired by the desire to help students navigate the complex field of dental materials from the very first year of the course. Being the first published book on dental materials from India, it had set new standards, including moving away from traditional formats. Its unique student friendly format has contributed much to its popularity particularly among dental students from India and around the world, and has made the understanding of this subject within the grasp of the novice. Over the years, readers have contributed valuable information as well as suggestions, many of which have been incorporated in the current edition.
Dental institutions today are facing innumerable challenges, and constant adaptation is required to reflect changing curricula around the world and higher expectations among the student community. The challenge now is in reorganizing and streamlining the courses to changing times. It is encouraging to see some leading institutions take bold new initiatives in instituting improved learning techniques and investing in infrastructure to raise standards of education. In this regard, the roles of regulatory bodies, including the Dental Council of India and various Dental Associations are critical to ensure that the profession continues to develop. It is my fervent hope that a new generation of young, highly trained and motivated dentists will emerge, providing improved patient care and upholding the dignity of the profession.

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