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Avian Influenza by David Swayne

by Asim Javed

You can download Avian Influenza by David E. Swayne free in pdf format. 

Avian Influenza by David Swayne

About Book

“This textbook is likely destined to become the bible on avian influenza. For those looking for a single, exhaustive reference to help educate or train individuals in dealing with avian influenza, this will be money well spent.” (Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, March 2009) “David Swayne’s book Avian Influenza is both timely and important. [The author] assembles a remarkable ensemble of researchers, veterinarians, medical professionals, and government officials working in this field to provide a comprehensive review of the many dimensions of what we know about avian influenza and what we need to know and do. The issues are complex and technical, but the writing is accessible to the educated layman as well as the scientist seeking to work in a cross-disciplinary context. Ultimately this book demonstrates that as wild bird scientists we need to expand our understanding of diseases in relation to wildlife population dynamics and migration as well as virology, genetics, and human system interactions, not only just for the health of wild birds and the conservation of wild bird populations, but also for our own well being.” – Journal of Wildlife Diseases, October 2008

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