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Arthritis & Synovitis

by aliraza

Arthritis & Synovitis

Inflammation of the synovial membrane & articular surface as a result of infection occure in farm animals commonly


1- Bacterial infection
2- Traumatic perforation of the joint capsule

Clinical signs

1- pain & lameness in affected limb
2- pain & heat are usually detectable in palpation
3- the joint may be swollen but the degree will depend on the type of infection
4- fever , inappetene to anorexia , endotoxemia


1- Arthrocentesis 
2- Aspiration of joint fluid for culture & analysis
3- Serological test
4- Radiography
5- Ultrasonography


Selection of drug will depend on the suspected cause of arthritis
1- combination of Cephlosporin & Amikacin is recomended before culture & sensitivity result are available
2- NSAID used parentrally to decrase inflanmatory response and provide analgesia e.g. Phenylbutazone
3- other antimicrobial used like pencillin , tetracycline , trimethoprim , gentamicin and other drugs

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