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Applied Animal Nutrition Feeds and Feeding

by aliraza

You can download Applied Animal Nutrition Feeds and Feeding by Peter R. Cheeke free in pdf format. 

Applied Animal Nutrition Feeds and Feeding

About Book

The objective of this book is to describe the properties of feed stuffs used in the feeding of domestic animals, and to provide information on feeding practices for a variety of animal species with which the animal nutritionist may have occasion to work. It is intended that the book be suitable as a text for undergraduate students, at both university and junior college levels. It should also be useful to professional animal nutritionists, extension agents, veterinarians, and livestock producers.
Recognizing this diverse audience, I have endeavored to make the presentation of subjects technically complete but not technically difficult. The writing style is one which should help accomplish this goal. Detailed discussion of metabolic pathways and use of chemical structures and terminology have been avoided. My philosophy is that these topics are better presented in a book on principles of nutrition, rather than in one on feeds and feeding. The literature citations are recent and serve as an entry to the literature for those who need more detailed information. Where possible, literature citations are from major journals that should be available at most university and college libraries.

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