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Application of the Neutral Zone in Prosthodontics

by aliraza

You can download Application of the Neutral Zone in Prosthodontics by Joseph J. Massad, David R. Cagna, Charles J. Goodacre, Russell A. Wicks and Swati A. Ahuja free in pdf format. 

Application of the Neutral Zone in Prosthodontics

About Book

Application of the Neutral Zone in Prosthodontics offers a step-by-step guide to successfully designing and placing complete and implant-retained dentures using neutral zone concepts.  Understanding the importance of the neutral zone is key to successful prosthodontic treatment. In Application of the Neutral Zone in Prosthodontics, Dr. Joseph Massad and his colleagues present methods and techniques for constructing predictable complete, implant-supported, and implant-retained prostheses. In addition to the incorporation of the neutral zone technique, the authors have included the inter-arch tracer and external surface impressions into the denture fabrication process. All the steps of denture fabrication, including patient examination, impression making, occlusal, esthetic, and neutral zone records, try-in, and placement, have been described in detail, including the laboratory procedures.
Successful denture therapy can be challenging for less experienced practitioners. As a consequence, many dentists opt to not offer complete dentures as part of their practices. This book addresses the most common problems with dentures and provides time-tested techniques for successful clinical outcomes.

  • Illustrates every technique described with more than 300 color photos
  • Covers all phases of complete denture therapy
  • Presents a step-by-step assessment and examination protocol
  • Details the importance of accurate diagnosis and prognosis prior to committing to treatment
  • Describes an alternative to traditional impressioning procedures that can be accomplished in a single appointment
  • Includes access to a companion website with video clips and student handouts, with teaching PowerPoints available for instructors

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