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Anthropology : A Global Perspective 8th edition

by aliraza

You can download Anthropology A Global Perspective 8th edition by Raymond Scupin, Christopher R. DeCorse free in pdf format.

About Book

Global Understanding through Anthropology
Anthropology: A Global Perspective connects readers with other cultures and helps them understand diversity in our modern, globalized world. The text explores current and classical research from all four subfields of anthropology–biological, cultural, linguistic, and archeological–to shape a comprehensive view of humanity.
The Eighth Edition uses a comparative approach in both its examination of facts and its tie to other fields of study. The text centers around three major themes to make material that spans across time and discipline accessible to audiences. Through critical thinking, competing hypotheses, and an in-depth examination of specific data, Anthropology: A Global Perspective introduces readers to the many complex facets of human nature.

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