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Anatomy for dental students 4th edition

by aliraza

You can download Anatomy for dental students 4th edition by Martin E. Atkinson free in pdf format. 

Anatomy for dental students 4th edition

About Book

This popular undergraduate text has undergone extensive modification and redevelopment, resulting in this fourth edition. This aims to provide the reader with a detailed understanding of human anatomy relevant to the trainee dental practitioner. The book is divided into four main sections including developmental anatomy, the thorax, the central nervous system, and head and neck anatomy. This useful breakdown allows the reader to work through the text in a logical order, mastering the basics before concentrating specifically on anatomy relevant to daily working life in the dental profession. Anatomy textbooks can often be overbearing with pages of either non-stop text or illustrations but this book has struck a good balance with providing the right ratio of information in various formats. The page layout is also appealing with dual columns and regular information boxes or illustrations, allowing for the natural flow of each chapter without seeming arduous.

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