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Advances in Breeding of Dairy Cattle

by Asim Javed

You can free download Advances in Breeding of Dairy Cattle in pdf format.

Advances in Breeding of Dairy Cattle

About Book

This collection reviews the latest research on dairy cattle genetics and advanced methods of genetic evaluation and selection.

After an overview of genetic improvements achieved so far, Part 1 assesses the problem of inbreeding and genetic diversity in modern dairy cattle as well as opportunities for crossbreeding. Part 2 then goes onto review research on targeting non-production traits such as fertility, feed conversion efficiency and methane emissions as well as resistance to disease and resilience to heat stress.

Part 3 then surveys the latest techniques and advances in genomic selection (GS) in such areas as functional annotation and use of sequence variants to improve genomic prediction, as well as developments in genetic evaluation (GE). The final part of the book reviews developments in embryo technologies, gene editing and the way new techniques are being integrated in practice into dairy breeding programmes.

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