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Advances in Animal Biotechnology

by aliraza

You can download Advances in Animal Biotechnology by Birbal Singh, Gorakh Mal, Sanjeev K.Gautam and Manishi Mukesh free in pdf format. 

Advances in Animal Biotechnology

About Book

Biotechnology is a rapidly advancing area with remarkable achievements. This book entitled, Advances in Animal Biotechnology, is a compilation of advances in the field of Animal Biotechnology including fishery that are not sheltered in depth in earlier publications. The book is divided broadly into different sections, viz., Gut Microbiome and Nutritional Biotechnology, Assisted Reproduction Biotechnology, Livestock Genomics, Health Biotechnology, and Animal Biotechnology in Global Perspective.The book covers the syllabi of Animal Biotechnology courses in various universities and competitive examinations at various levels. Researchers, Continuing Graduates, and Academicians, Research Institutions, and Biotech Companies will be benefited.

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