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A Field Manual of Camel Diseases

by aliraza

You can download A Field Manual of Camel Diseases Traditional and Modern Healthcare for the Dromedary by Ilse Köhler-Rollefson, Paul Mundy and Evelyn Mathias free in pdf format. 

A Field Manual of Camel Diseases

About Book

This is the first practical field manual about camel diseases for veterinarians and livestock practitioners. This manual was compiled through a workshop involving 20 of the world’s leading camel specialists, and details some 90 major camel ailments, ranging from abortions to wry-neck syndrome. For each problem, it gives the symptoms of the disease, the causes, and simple prevention and treatment methods. It includes both treatments based on Western veterinary science, as well as those tried and tested by local healers and herders. The diseases are organized according to the part of the body affected and the symptoms. A section on procedures explains how to examine a camel, take samples for laboratory analysis, and apply various types of medicines.
Written in clear, simple language and richly illustrated with line drawings by African and Indian artists, this sourcebook is an invaluable aid to camel care.

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