Veterinary Pharmacology A Practical Guide for the Veterinary Nurse

You can download Veterinary Pharmacology A Practical Guide for the Veterinary Nurse by Amanda Helen Rock free in pdf format.

About Book

This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. Designed and written specifically for veterinary nurses, it focuses on the practical application of knowledge and encourages a problem-solving approach by introducing a discussion of the potential uses of drugs and exploring a variety of therapies. The text builds upon a general background of anatomy and physiology, chemical sciences and microbiology enabling the reader to understand and engage with the topic more fully. Photographs and detailed line drawings illustrate the more complex areas of pharmacology and aid comprehension of the general action mechanisms of the various drugs discussed. Complicated concepts are presented in a user-friendly way to maximise understanding.

The first book on pharmacology that meets the needs of every veterinary nurse – from student to qualified
Each chapter is headed with a list of learning outcomes for easy use
Inclusion of self-test questions to aid revision
A useful reference tool in clinical situations
Offers practical advice on pharmacy management
Recent research into drug therapy is included and future pharmacological therapies and recommended treatment protocols are discussed

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