Textbook of Canine and Feline Cardiology 2nd Edition

You can download Textbook of Canine and Feline Cardiology 2nd Edition Principles and Clinical Practice by Philip R. Fox, D. David Sisson and N. Sydney Moise free in pdf format.

Textbook of Canine and Feline Cardiology 2nd Edition

About Book

This edition brings together in one practical source the current, salient information on canine and feline heart disease. Includes discussions of the fundamental principles of cardiology and provides in-depth reviews of physiology, pathology, diagnosis, pharmacology, and therapy.

  • 10 new chapter and section, 22 new authors, and many more figures, illustrations, tables, and charts, including colour plates.
  • Presents detailed, practical description of diagnostic and interventional procedures and their interpretation, including ECG, echocardiography and Dopler echo imaging, CT and MRI, thoracic radiography, and cardiac catheterisation and angiography.
  • Provides step-by-step rationales for drug selection and new modalities of treatment. Also offers a list of cardiovascular active drugs and their doses.
  • Addresses all important aspects of anaesthetic management and details anaesthetic and surgical techniques.
  • Gives step-by-step instructions for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, including proven methods, pharmacologic management, and the newest techniques.

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