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Veterinary Reproduction and Obstetrics 9th Edition

You can download Veterinary Reproduction and Obstetrics 9th Edition by David Noakes, Timothy Parkinson, and Gary England free in pdf format. 

About Book

“Veterinary Reproduction and Obstetrics has been the standard reference textbook for veterinary students for many years, as well as for students of animal science and related disciplines; in addition it has also been a useful reference source for the practicing veterinary surgeon. The new edition builds on the success of the previous edition covering normal reproduction and reproductive disorders and diseases in the common and less common domesticated species (llamas, alpacas, camels). The book has been completely revised with full colour throughout to include recent developments in reproductive biology and endocrinology, as well as the new knowledge on the causes and treatment of reproductive disease.”
“This is a reference text that has been refreshed well and warrants a place on practice bookshelves.” – Veterinary Record, Feb 2011
Key Features
  • Classic text reference
  • Covering all aspects of reproduction and obstetrics in all common and less common domestic species
  • Only book covering full range of domestic animals
  • Practical clinical approach throughout