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Veterinary Parasitology The Practical Veterinarian

You can download Veterinary Parasitology The Practical Veterinarian by Lora Rickard Ballweber free in pdf format. 

About Book

The Practical Veterinarian series was developed to help veterinary students, veterinarians, and veterinary technicians find answers to common questions quickly. Unlike larger textbooks, which are filled with detailed information and meant to serve as reference books, all the books in The Practical Veterinarian series are designed to cut to the heart of the subject matter. Not meant to replace the reference texts, the guides in our series complement the larger books by serving as an introduction to each topic for those learning the subject matter for the first time or as a quick review for those who already have mastered the basics of each subject.
  • Concise review that focuses on the most common parasites
  • Written in outline format for quick reference
  • Ideal for student use during clinical rotations
  • Quintessential resource for veterinarians with new practice