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Feline Practice Integrating Medicine and Well-Being (Part I)

You can download Feline Practice Integrating Medicine and Well-Being (Part I), Veterinary Clinics of North America Volume 50, Issue 4 by Margie Scherk free in pdf format. 

About Book

Sometimes we request diagnostic tests out of a desire to be thorough even though the outcome of that test may not change the outcome for the patient. To this, there is an article on when to use new tests, when to stick with old tests, or whether to run tests at all, which addresses some of these concerns.
Veterinarians (and veterinary nurses) go into animal care because of a love for animals and desire to help them. Part of our ability to be good caregivers is to maintain this passion throughout our careers. The fact that we work for our clients rather than for our patients can lead to medical compromises that cause disappointment, moral distress, or worse. The final article addresses the need to balance the art and the science of veterinary medicine in a moral and ethical way.
I hope you will look forward to the second issue. It includes articles on feline nutrition, updates on infectious diseases, select digestive tract problems and endocrine disorders, use of genetics and stem cell therapies in practice, an update on feline oral health, as well as new neurologic entities in cats that have a stress/environmental component.