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A Textbook Of Animal Genetics 2nd Updated Edition

You can download A Textbook Of Animal Genetics 2nd Updated Edition by P. Kanakaraj free in pdf format. 

About Book

This book is a complete introductory note containing divergent topics of Genetics under one cover. The subject has been presented in the sequence in which the discoveries in the science of genetics were made commencing with the Mendelian Genetics covering Cytogenetics, Molecular Genetics and Population Genetics and culminating with the Applied Genetics. The text material is arranged in twelve parts and 40 chapters. Several examples and illustrations have been incorporated in all chapters. Many thought-provoking questions and unsolved problems have been provided at the end of the chapters to enable the student to review the grasp on the subject and to serve as an aid for better understanding of the subject. The book also includes a comprehensive glossary on the subject. Much of the contents of this book are the outcome of a number of discussions with my teachers, colleagues and students, and also of the consultation with the library.
This book is useful for all the science students especially for the veterinary science students. This book is written covering the Indian Veterinary Council syllabus to make it suitable for the institutions following IVC syllabus.