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Textbook of Clinical Veterinary Medicine by Amalendu Chakrabarti

You can download Textbook of Clinical Veterinary Medicine by Amalendu Chakrabarti free in pdf format. 

About Book

There is rapid advancement in the field of Veterinary Sciences in general and Veterinary Medicine in particular especially in the field of modern methods of diagnosis and therapy. In order to keep space with all those advancement it has become increasingly necessary to incorporate such materials under one cover in the existing book. All the relevant information are kept almost in all the Chapters of this revised book. Besides, new chapters have been included on Endocrinal diseases and Geriatric Medicine considering their importance. A chapter on proprietary drugs has been made to serve the interest of the Veterinary Physicians especially who are stationed at various odd corners of the country. This type of index is very much needed in the field where such information are not readily available.
The contents of this book has been kept keeping in view the revised curricular of the Veterinary Council of India for undergraduate students. Importance has been laid to include advance information related to etio-pathogenesis, diagnosis, therapy and prevention against animal maladies to fulfill the academic interest related to course work of post-graduate and  Ph.D students of Veterinary Medicine in various Universities of the country,