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Successful silage Book by NSW Department of Primary Industries

You can download Successful silage Book by NSW Department of Primary Industries by Alan G. Kaiser, John W. Piltz, Helen M. Burns and Neil W. Griffiths free in pdf format. 

About Book

This manual is aimed at a very broad audience – farmers/producers, contractors, advisers, consultants and agribusinesses with a specific interest in silage. Our aim has been to cover “everything you ever needed to know about silage” – from the practical to the scientific. Not all the information is relevant to all readers, and not everyone will want the level of detail on a given subject. There are a number of ways in which you can go about finding information. If you are looking for information on a specific topic, it can be found by checking the:
Each chapter has been written as a separate entity, containing a Table of Contents for easy referencing. Following the Table of Contents is a Key Issues section and an Introduction, which summarise the main points of that chapter. A quick glance through these will give readers an overview of each chapter.
The hierarchy of headings used allows the reader to go into as much detail as required. For example, Section 11.2 of Chapter 11 covers the various costs of forage conservation in several sub-sections, including 11.2.3 ‘Contracting costs’. These sub-sections may also be divided under further sub-headings, e.g. Section 11.2.3 is divided into sections discussing the pros and cons of contracting, contract rates and what to include in the contract agreement.