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Meat and Meat Products Technology Including Poultry Products Technology

You can download Meat & Meat Products Technology Including Poultry Products Technology by BD Sharma free in pdf format. 

About Book

The need for a book on meat technology in the Indian context was being felt since a long time. It became all the more necessary with the introduction of meat technology in the syllabus for veterinary graduates.  More than half of the veterinary students hail from vegetarian families and they have very little exposure to meat as such. This book deals with the science of meat and meat products in a systematic, clear, concise form but yet in a comprehensive manner. The basic and emerging concepts in fresh meat technology, processed meat technology and quality control systems have been incorporated in right earnest. Due importance has been given to the poultry products technology in order to have an integrated approach in a single volume. The book will be useful to undergraduate students specialising in veterinary science, food science and technology, postgraduate students and research fellows in concerned specialisation at the university level. This volume will serve as a handbook for meat plant managers, quality control supervisors and processing technicians at the industry level.