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Fluoride and Fluorosis A Research Review by Ashish Sharma

You can download Fluoride and Fluorosis A Research Review by Ashish Sharma free in pdf format. 

About Book

It gives me immense pleasure to know that Dr Ashish Sharma has taken up the endeavor to present his research work in the form of a book. Fluorosis is a significant public health problem affecting millions of people. It has a great adverse effect on the economy of the family, community and country as a whole as it produces partial to total disability. Moreover, with the development of technology, more groundwater is used for drinking and agriculture, and it aggravates the problem of fluorosis. Unfortunately, the attention, knowledge and capacity of the policy makers, program managers, and clinicians are found to be grossly inadequate to deal with such a huge problem.
Dr Ashish had done his research quite elaborately to find out how successful the fluorosis mitigation efforts in the community are. He has put on significant efforts with extensive field work for his research. This book Fluoride and Fluorosis: A Research Review is not a textbook but based on his research project findings. Hence, it may have some shortcomings but still a comprehensive effort to elucidate the problem in fluorosis and will be a good reading for the program managers, social workers, primary care physicians and any other person who wish to get a glance of this important but neglected public health problem.