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Teaching Your Bird to Talk

You can download Teaching Your Bird to Talk by Diane Grindol and Thomas Roudybush free in pdf format. 

About Book

Through the ages I’ve been revered, immortalized, plucked, eaten, caged and now, finally, acknowledged. My kin and I have cohabited with humans for centuries, but up until the publication of Teaching Your Bird to Talk, we really didn’t have our say We haven’t been able to communicate our desire and ability to interact with humans at a level long believed unthinkable. The very expression “to parrot” implies mindless mimicry. How many parrots have been consigned to learning to say what the unenlightened have to teach them?
You live in an enlightened age. Tom and Diane have compiled an impressive amount of background, training and research regarding bird verbalizations that will have you reeling! Hello!