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Canine and Feline Urology

by Asim Javed

You can download Canine and Feline Urology by Carl A. Osborne, Donald G. Low and Delmar R. Finco free in pdf format. 

Canine and Feline Urology

About Book

This book has been prepared for students and practitioners of veterinary medicine who have not specialized in urology, but whose clinical practice requires familiarity with diagnostic and therapeutic techniques which are available for the management of diseases of the urinary system of the dog and cat. fi he primary ob¬ jective of the book is to provide information about ui inary diseases in a simplified, systematic, and readily accessible outline form. The scope of the book has therefore been limited to a discussion of the clinical findings, diagnosis, treatment, and piog- nosis of urinary diseases.
Our concept of urology differs from that used in human medicine because we have literally accepted the term in its purest sense, a study of all diseases of the urinary system. In contrast, human urology is a surgically oriented specialty that ignores nonsurgical diseases of the kidney but encompasses diseases of the genital tract. To us, the only things that the genital and urinary systems have in common are embryologic development, a common pathway to the exterior, and an external orifice.
Throughout the book we have tried to emphasize logic and common sense. Where possible, basic principles of physiology and pathology have been correlated with clinical manifestations and treatment of disease in order to emphasize theii interrelationships. It is our conviction that adequate patient care is best provided by individuals with a conceptual understanding of the pathophysiology of various disease

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