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Applied Equine Nutrition by Arno Lindner

You can download Applied Equine Nutrition: Equine Nutrition Conference Enuco 2005 by Arno Lindner free in pdf format. 

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The objective of these trials was to determine the effects of supplemental inorganic and organic forms of Cu and Zn on digestibility and daily balance (or retention) in yearling geldings in training (Phase I) and mature, sedentary geldings (Phase II).
A mineral proteinate is a chelated mineral complex that is formed by reacting a mineral salt with a specifically prepared mixture of amino acids and small peptides. The chelate that results from the binding of the mineral and amino acid carries no electrical charge, and remains stable in the presence of pH changes in the gastrointestinal tract. Because of this electrical neutrality, the mineral in organic complex form is theorized to be more bioavailable to the animal, and utilize a different absorptive mechanism than a mineral in its “natural” or inorganic state. Numerous studies in rats, poultry, pigs, and ruminants have shown an increased bioavailability of the mineral proteinate as compared to the inorganic form. Recently, several studies have reported varying results with regard to the digestibility and retention of inorganic and organic forms of Cu and Zn.