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Clinical Manual for Oral Medicine and Radiology

You can download Clinical Manual for Oral Medicine and Radiology by Ravikiran Ongole and Praveen BN free in pdf format. 

Clinical Manual for Oral Medicine and Radiology

About Book

Key feature explains concise and update information on the subject. Discusses various oral and facial abnormalities as well as basic aspects of dental radiology. Provides clear understanding of the diagnosis and management of oral soft tissue diseases in medically compromised patients, systemic diseases and dental manifestation, etc. Emphasises step by step examination protocol for all parts of tissues in oral cavity. Simple, well-illustrated and lucid in content and style. Table of contents section-1 oral medicine 1. Case history 2. Evalution of patients with special care needs 3. Evaluation of gingival and periondontal diseases 4. Evaluation of pulp and periapical diseases 5. Examination of ulcers and swellings of the orofacial region 6. Evaluation of oral precancers and oral cancers 7. Evaluation of fractures of maxillofacial skeleton 8. Evaluation of lvmph nodes of the head and neck region 9. Examination of temporomandibular joint 10. Assessment of orofacial pain 11. Examination of

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