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Periodontology 3rd Revised and Expanded Edition

by Asim Javed

You can download Periodontology 3rd Revised Edition Color Atlas of Dental Medicine by Herbert F. Wolf, Edith M. & Klaus H. Rateitschak and Thomas M. Hassell free in pdf format. 

Periodontology 3rd Revised and Expanded Edition

About Book

Rateitschak’s extraordinary atlas, universally recognized as the pre-eminent work in periodontology, is back in a brand new edition! With an emphasis on the most rigorously documental scientific and clinical advances, presented in concise text and exquisitely detailed photographs, the book will quickly become a cherished classic in the library of all practitioners.This new edition has been updated to include new developments in every aspect of the field, including * etiology and pathogenesis * oral manifestations and treatment of HIV infection * diagnostic tests * advanced conservative and surgical therapies, including guided tissue regeneration * newest systemic and local slow-release drugs * implants to augment dental therapy * mucogingival plastic surgery in halting recession * newest classifications of periodontal disease* and much more

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