Infection Control in Primary Dental Care by Fulford & Stankiewicz

You can download Infection Control in Primary Dental Care by Martin R. Fulford and Nikolai R. Stankiewicz free in pdf format. 

Infection Control in Primary Dental Care

About Book

This book is an easy-to-use guide to all aspects of infection control and decontamination that will support the implementation of effective measures for risk reduction in dental practice. Among the topics addressed are the principles and practicalities of cleaning and sterilizing dental instruments, the role of personal protective equipment, the design and use of decontamination rooms, choice of dental equipment, environmental disinfection, and considerations relating to dental unit water lines. In addition, readers will find an informative and helpful section on the background history and basic science of infection control within dentistry. Infection Control in Primary Dental Care will be very useful for all members of the dental team, including dentists, dental nurses or assistants, dental hygienists, and therapists. The book is illustrated with photographs, diagrams, and tables to aid understanding and encourage good practice. The authors have a background in microbiology and dental practice and have extensive experience of providing advice and guidance to professional colleagues on infection control procedures.

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