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Bone Biology, Harvesting, Grafting For Dental Implants

You can download Bone Biology, Harvesting, Grafting For Dental Implants rationale and clinical applications by Arun K. Garg free in pdf format. 

About Book

Many patients who are otherwise ideal candidates for implant therapy lack sufficient alveolar bone to support dental implants. This book presents all facets of bone augmentation in preparation for implant placement, including techniques for harvesting bone from the ramus, the anterior mandible, and the tibia; the various types of bone-grafting materials and their indications; step-by-step procedures for grafting the maxillary sinus and anterior alveolar ridge and for subnasal elevation and augmentation; and guidelines for the use of adjuncts such as platelet-rich plasma to enhance healing and predictability. Practitioners of implant dentistry at all levels will learn much from this book.
This text is ideally suited for surgeons and restorative dentists whose clinical practice is largely confined to the provision of implant dentistry. It would also be an excellent reference text for postgraduate trainees/students who are likely to be heavily involved in the provision of implant retained prostheses in the future.